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Hi, my name is Peter Noris and I am asking for your support in bringing common sense to the NC House in District 104.

I was born in Virginia, when my father was called back into service for the Korean War. My parents, George and Eileen Noris, both had deep roots in Massachusetts, and when I was four months old they took me and my older sister back to where they grew up. Both of my parents were orphans, and always emphasized the importance of familya value I still hold close to my heart.

We moved to Florida in 1960 due to a war injury of my dad's, although my mom always called Boston home. The most enduring  belief I got from mom and Ddd was that all people deserve equality. My father spoke often of signs in Boston he saw when he grew up that used racial and ethnic slurs banning African-Americans, Italians, and Jews from employment and public places. During the sixties my mother was furious she couldn't have her own checking account although she worked full time and her name wasn't on the joint title to their home - she was listed "et ux" - "and wife". They engrained in me the essential wrongness of prejudice based on ethnic background and gender.

I first got involved in politics in 1972 when I volunteered for George McGovern. I've never forgotten the 2,000 Americans and tens of thousands Vietnamese that died after that election, all to put a better face on our foreign policy failure there. I've stayed involved in politics to one extent or another my entire life.

I later went on to become a successful businessman, first as a manufacturers’ representative and then owning my own representative company. I am proud to say that I never held a salaried jobI always worked on commission of one type or another, and was always successful. In sales, nothing happens unless you talk to people and see things from their perspective. As a public official I would be open to discussions with all constituents because it is our district. My goal would be to promote economic growth that would benefit all Charlotteans.

I started endurance cycling in 1988 when I learned about Paris-Brest-Paris, the amateur version of the Tour de France.  Training and competing became one of my passions. I rode in P-B-P on three occasions and competed in many parts of the U.S. and Canada in addition to France. I was tried both mentally and physically, but it taught me to stay the course and that hard work can make all the difference.

Later, I was disabled in an accident and learned another hard lesson - a lot of life depends upon luck. Sometimes I've had it, other times not. Some people are lucky enough to be born in circumstances that help them achieve success; some are not. 

I'm the proud father of a lovely, talented daughter and now two grandchildren.

I moved to Charlotte in 2012. Since coming here I've dedicated my time to volunteer activity, and working for the Democratic Party. Charlotte is an exciting, vibrant city that is building the new South. I love being part of that process.

I'm not a career politician. I've never run for office before, and never expected I would. I’m not asking for your vote to further my career aspirations. I believe it’s time to break the hold that the establishment and the special interests have in Raleigh. Too often our elected members of the General Assembly only care about what the lobbyists and the influence-peddlers tell them to, even if it harms the very district they were elected to represent. We need a representative to break that mold.

Our city deserves respect as the economic engine of the state and home to a growing, diverse population.  I'm asking you to support me because, if elected, I will be a strong voice for Charlotte.


Thank you,

Peter Noris




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