Bernie called for a Revolution - It starts in your backyard

Every time Bernie was asked how his great ideas would translate into action, he responded that it will take a critical mass of voters keeping politicians honest and electing officials to state and local offices that understood what needed to be done.


I was fortunate to be an active volunteer with the local Democratic Party when we needed a candidate for Dan Bishop’s seat. If you're not familiar with Mr. Bishop, he was the primary author of HB 2. Democratic leadership recruited me, and I made it clear that I would run as a Sanders Democrat. This year, with Bernie shaking things up, and many volunteers ready to do what he asked, we can change North Carolina.

Fighting climate change, expanding Medicaid, investing in education and ending the war on drugs are all goals progressives agree on. Recently, "Hate Bill 2" has exposed Republican ignorance on LGBT issues and their discrimination against our brothers and sisters, trying to distract us from the important work necessary to make life better for all of us, not just the 1%.

We can fight together to improve North Carolina, or we can stop now because Bernie may not be our Presidential candidate. Today’s paper reported Bernie is influencing the Democratic Party platform. This is great news, but we need legislators in place to implement the progressive ideas of Sanders and Warren.

We have the power to change the state if we act now.

Progressives can win in NC 104, but only with your help. I’m asking for your support of my campaign.The Republican Party has the ability to spend as they always do, but we can mobilize to defeat them locally and nationally. Please do what you can to help - talk with your friends, volunteer to canvass or phone bank, and make any donation you can because until we have comprehensive campaign reform, progressives need to raise money the establishment is not anxious to give us.  Show all Democratic Party officials we are the wave of the future.

Join me for my first fundraising event on May 7th in Charlotte, and begin to change the way politics works in North Carolina!


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