I want to be your representative and bring common sense to Raleigh.

I have never explored the possibility running for public office, let alone spending my life running for higher office as a career politician.

When I see millions of dollars of public funds being wasted on a criminal justice system that struggles to combat serious crime, I wondered who's benefitting from it.

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Is the GOP Conservative?

“A conservative is not, by definition, a selfish or a stupid person; instead, he is a person who believes there is something in our life worth saving. "

Russell Kirk "The American Conservative"

Most of my life, the Republican Party has held positions I disagreed with, but could understand. Since 1976, the Republican Party has changed radically. Even Republican pundits realize that Ronald Reagan would have a difficult time in today’s Party. Has American conservatism lost it’s way? The Republican Party today is many things, but it is not conservative. Simply saying whatever the Republican leadership does is conservative is an 'anything goes' attitude that leads to extreme policies.

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