Politics as Usual Hurts What's Best for NC Citizens


Here is what I will fight for when I am elected to represent you in November:


Respect Charlotte



It's not just HB2, which is an embarrassing piece of legislation. The General Assembly is also trying to take control of our airport away from our city and force us to accept toll roads. Our state government needs to let us control our own growth and empower us to make laws that protect our citizens.  



DSC_0176.JPGWe Should Expand Medicaid to Make Sure All Citizens Have Affordable Coverage

Too many of our citizens can't pay for regular healthcare coverage. As a result, the only care they receive is when they go to the emergency room after they are already ill. Our General Assembly has turned down billions of dollars for healthcare from the federal government. We need to look out for all North Carolinians. 



Restore Excellence in EducationEducation

We need to fundamentally change our educational system to reward teachers and better serve the needs of all students. We need to expand early education, provide competitive teacher pay and more teacher support, and revitalize the curriculum so that it reflects 21st century skills that all students will need. 




Promote an Efficient Use of Public Resources

We have to reform our criminal justice system to free up police to stop violent crime. We need to reclassify and decriminalize marijuana, eliminate for-profit prisons, and revisit our state's mandatory minimum laws.



EnvironmentIncrease access to Renewable Energy

Global climate change is real, and we must promote and incentivize alternative energy sources. North Carolina has amazing environmental riches, and we owe it to future generations to be good stewards of the land we are blessed with. That means we need to take active efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and protect our coast. 




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