I want to be your representative and bring common sense to Raleigh.

I have never explored the possibility running for public office, let alone spending my life running for higher office as a career politician.

When I see millions of dollars of public funds being wasted on a criminal justice system that struggles to combat serious crime, I wondered who's benefitting from it.

When I see students, both special needs and advanced placement, fail to reach their full potential because tax cuts are valued more than education, I wondered why we would handicap our future.

When I saw my neighbors in North Carolina being denied medical care, and dying from it, I could not understand playing political games with their health and lives.

When I thought about politicians caring more for their donors than the health of the planet my grandchildren will grow up in, my anger grew to the point I have to do something.

These are all things I struggled to provide for my daughter and all of you want the same for your children.

I want to be your Representative in the House, because we need a more effective criminal justice system, an educational system helping every student to achieve, health care that reaches every citizen, and a stewardship of the earth that passes on a better planet. Please support me while I help build a better North Carolina.

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